Street art in its various shapes and forms can be noticed across the coun- try, whether it features poetic or social statements, group tags, or beauti- ful murals; this type of visual outcome is at once an individualistic form of expression, and a form of social commentary. Oscillating between art and vandalism, this form of visual output utilizes the collective space of the city as its backdrop. Artists’ engagement with their physical sur- roundings manifests their personal relationship to the city and the social infrastructure that supports it.

This exhibition aims to unpack the complex network of relationships between the artists, their physical environment and society that have come to shape the phenomenon of street art in Saudi Arabia.
By capitalizing on the format of an exhibition, street art and the subcul- ture driving it can be repackaged and represented to a wider audience to further understand this form of visual expression as a tool to question and reflect on wider patterns of social behavior which is framed and

supported by the physical form of our cities.
Throughout the research process for The Waves Won’t Stop When You Leave a set of questions kept recurring, such as why street artists are drawn to neglected, old and isolated spaces to tag or mark? What is the relationship between people and the walls around them? How can we understand street art as a medium for communication?
In order to answer these questions and build a meaningful relationship between commissioned pieces, existing works and the community of street artists, the curatorial framework is committed to the following: 1. Not to be intrusive to the community
2. Be inclusive in the process and final outcome
3. Develop a city guide in collaboration with local graffiti artists
4. Commission works that are focused on a collective understanding

of place, context, and community

Curated by:

Basmah Felemban

Participating Artists:

Abdullah Abbas Abdullah Zeyad Deyaa Rambo Ghofran
Zainab Al-Mahoozi

Community Partners:

Art Jameel Kham