+3 Centimeters (2019) by Rashed Alshashai is the second rendition of an earlier project by the artist, entitled Amygdala and produced in 2019. For Amygdala, Alshashai reinterpreted and reformulated abandoned goods from Soug Al-Sawarikh, Jeddah’s biggest flea market, slicing them into two halves in an aesthetic reference to the phenomenon of human es- trangement. As the center of memory and emotional response and judg- ment, the almond-shaped nuclei of the amygdala is the starting point for this work. Its composition as a pair of symmetrical parts is recreated in all the items in the exhibition. Separating these reused/recycled items is an interpretation of the divided nature of intimate family life.

For this rendition, entitled +3 Centimeters (2019), Alshashai has in- stalled the same cutting machine within the Public/Private exhibition

grounds. Before the exhibition opening, items carrying emotional value were collected by the artist from 30 different persons, and throughout the exhibition, each item will be cut in half by Alshashai’s machine in a performance, after which it will be archived and assigned a reference number. Then, the artist will proceed to write a story about each piece. All objects will be exhibited in a display case built specifically for the exhibition.

In an amazing display, Alshashai explores the turmoil and anxiety within everything that is material, and reveals the inner processes of psycho- logical, mental and emotional states that occupy the private sphere. By doing so, he recalls the neglected memories of a materialistic society in order to deconstruct the modern individual.