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The Earth is the collective memory that is bound to our subconscious. She is a reflection of ourselves, manifesting herself as a constant flow of images that teem with scent, taste and colour.

The Creator revealed in his holy book; “From this dust We created you, and in this We shall put you back, and from this, We shall raise you up once again” (20,55), and so the Earth is a gift from God, as an abode and a base from which to spring forth into existence, and from there, into the unknown realm of possibility; “And Allah has made the Earth a spread for you, So that you may go about its broad ways” (71,20).

As we regard the Earth as a living, breathing being, so she regards us as well, monitoring the tread of humanity upon her surface and how it marks her. She sends us signs in the guise of ecosystems that have begun to disappear as a result of our greed, and omens that reveal how far we have strayed from our humanity.

Despite this, the Earth is giving and remains a place of abundance. Above all, she has bestowed upon us infinite beauty that can be seen everywhere; in the delicate spread of a dove’s wings; the transparency of a drop of water; the shimmer of colour on the back of a butterfly; the warm yellow of sandy desert dunes; the colour blue that draws its depth from the sea and its breadth from the sky; and how all of the above and beauty beyond can be perceived in the loving gaze of another.

This exhibition invites you to reflect on humanity’s relationship with the Earth, to explore whether it is reconciled with their own personal bond and how an artist’s environment is inextricably bound to his sense of identity and roots.

As I fiercely love all living creatures on this planet, I respect the differences between them Because I believe that the purity and sparkle of a dew drop is no less beautiful than a raging river.
Jidi Majia, Chinese Poet

الارض و ما بعد ذالك

المنسقين: منى‭ ‬خزندار‭ ‬و‭ ‬حمزة‭ ‬صيرفي

الأرض‭ ‬مرآة‭ ‬الذات‭ ‬والذاكرة‭ ‬المزروعة‭ ‬في‭ ‬الوعي،‭ ‬تنبت‭ ‬في‭ ‬ذاكرتنا‭ ‬كفيض‭ ‬من‭ ‬الصور،‭ ‬صور‭ ‬تفوح‭ ‬بالرائحة‭ ‬والمذاق‭ ‬واللون‭. ‬الأرض‭ ‬هبة‭ ‬من‭ ‬الخالق‭ ‬الذي‭ ‬قال‭ ‬في‭ ‬محكم‭ ‬كتابهب‭ ‬ومنها‭ ‬خلقناكم‭ ‬وفيها‭ ‬نعيدكم‭ ‬ومنها‭ ‬نخرجكم‭ ‬تارة‭ ‬أخرةب،‭ ‬ا‭ ‬والله‭ ‬جعل‭ ‬لكم‭ ‬الأرض‭ ‬بساطًا‭ ‬لتسلكوا‭ ‬منها‭ ‬سبلًا‭ ‬فجاجًاب‭ ‬،‭ ‬أي‭ ‬أن‭ ‬الأرض‭ ‬هي‭ ‬السكنى‭ ‬وهي‭ ‬أيضا‭ ‬ستكون‭ ‬يومًا‭ ‬مركز‭ ‬البعث‭ ‬والانطلاق‭. ‬

وبقدر‭ ‬رؤيتنا‭ ‬لهذه‭ ‬الأرض‭ ‬ككائن،‭ ‬علينا‭ ‬أن‭ ‬ندرك‭ ‬أن‭ ‬الأرض‭ ‬تنظر‭ ‬إلينا‭ ‬أيضًا،‭ ‬وترقب‭ ‬الحراك‭ ‬الإنساني‭ ‬وأثره‭ ‬فيها،‭ ‬مرسلة‭ ‬إشارات‭ ‬تأخذ‭ ‬صيغ‭ ‬بيئات‭ ‬بدأت‭ ‬في‭ ‬الإختفاء‭ ‬بسبب‭ ‬جشعنا،و‭ ‬صور‭ ‬أخرى‭ ‬تجعلنا‭ ‬ندرك‭ ‬كم‭ ‬أننا‭ ‬ابتعدنا‭ ‬عن‭ ‬إنسانيتنا‭. ‬رغم‭ ‬أن‭ ‬الأرض‭ ‬كانت‭ ‬ولا‭ ‬زالت‭ ‬كريمة‭ ‬دومًا‭ ‬في‭ ‬عطائها،‭ ‬منحتنا‭ ‬الجمال‭ ‬واللون؛‭ ‬في‭ ‬رقة‭ ‬أجنحة‭ ‬الطيور‭ ‬البيضاء،‭ ‬وشفافية‭ ‬قطرات‭ ‬الماء،‭ ‬امتزاج‭ ‬الألوان‭ ‬على‭ ‬جناح‭ ‬فراشة،‭ ‬والأصفر‭ ‬الدافئ‭ ‬في‭ ‬كثبان‭ ‬الصحراء‭ ‬الرملية،‭ ‬أما‭ ‬الأزرق‭ ‬فيستعير‭ ‬من‭ ‬البحر‭ ‬عمق‭ ‬زرقته‭ ‬ومن‭ ‬السماء‭ ‬أبعادها،‭ ‬كما‭ ‬منحتنا‭ ‬كل‭ ‬هذا‭ ‬الجمال‭ ‬و‭ ‬اللون‭ ‬و‭ ‬الإحساس‭ ‬فيما‭ ‬نراه‭ ‬حولنا‭.‬

يهدف‭ ‬هذا‭ ‬المعرض‭ ‬لجعل‭ ‬الفنانين‭ ‬يعيدون‭ ‬قراءة‭ ‬كوكبنا،‭ ‬وتأتي‭ ‬الأعمال‭ ‬متنوعة‭ ‬حسب‭ ‬اختلاف‭ ‬انتماءاتهم‭ ‬و‭ ‬رؤيتهم‭. ‬تعاونّا‭ ‬مع‭ ‬فنانينن‭ ‬من‭ ‬مختلف‭ ‬أرجاء‭ ‬الأرض،‭ ‬حتى‭ ‬تأتي‭ ‬النظرة‭ ‬حاملة‭ ‬لتنوعهم‭ ‬واختلاف‭ ‬بيئاتهم‭.‬

الهذا‭ ‬نحب‭ ‬بشدة‭ ‬كل‭ ‬ما‭ ‬على‭ ‬هذا‭ ‬الكوكب‭ ‬من‭ ‬حياة‭ ‬كما‭ ‬نحترم‭ ‬الفروق‭ ‬بين‭ ‬جميع‭ ‬أشياء‭ ‬هذا‭ ‬العالم‭ ‬لأَنِّي‭ ‬دائماً‭ ‬مؤمنٌ‭ ‬أن‭ ‬وضوح‭ ‬ولمعان‭ ‬قطره‭ ‬ندى‭ ‬الصباح‭ ‬ليس‭ ‬أقل‭ ‬جمالاً‭ ‬من‭ ‬نهرٍ‭ ‬كبير‭!‬ب

‭- ‬تشيدي‭ ‬ماتسشيا‭ ‬شاعر‭ ‬صيني‭ ‬