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The Saudi Art Council

The Saudi Art Council (SAC) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2013 by a group of local Art patrons in order to respond to the growing needs of the Kingdom’s art and culture scene in Saudi Arabia.

The organization aims to build bridges, raise awareness and broaden horizons through the universal language of art.

“Each year, the Saudi Art Council strives to take another step in the right direction, a step that will bring us closer to our vision of making art and culture available to all, to instill it as a right and not a privilege, to be experienced and enjoyed as part of daily life and equally important, to provide the tools through which it can be appreciated and understood. It is always said that art is universal and part of our human nature. While recently art has been used as means for cross-cultural understanding, it is our fervent hope that it can also be used to better understand ourselves.’’ – HRH PRINCESS JAWAHER BINT MAJED